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It is important to choose a ring design that mirrors your partner’s unique style and preference. You should take into consideration their personality, fashion sense, hobbies, even their favourite type of music. Is their style simple and understated? Or does it veer towards elaborate and flashy?  Examining these traits will allow us to create a thoroughly customized ring.

Browse the Ring Gallery for inspiration and I will help you find the perfect design.


The most popular style: a simple and classic design featuring a single stone.

Diamond Band

Smaller diamonds add detail and sparkle to the overall look of the ring. ​


This style creates a lasting impression. A great option for a limited budget as the halo gives the illusion of larger size. 

Three Stone

A style meant to signify the 'past, present and future'. Most often stones of similar shape. 

Coloured Stones

Incorporating coloured stones is a great way to express personal style and

add a bit of vibrancy.

Dramatic Design

Create a style that is completely your own!

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