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Amy Follwell's passion for gemstones began at a young age. Her grandfather, Dr. Wm. George Wahl, a world-renowned geologist, would show her samples of raw diamonds and kimberlite core that he acquired from mines in South Africa; Amy’s interest was piqued. Her curiosity became a passion at Queen’s University in Kingston where she attained a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Geological Sciences in 2006. Amy’s education and excitement for rocks and minerals led to a career in gemmology. Her love for polished gemstones stems from those first specimens her grandfather showed her as a child. After studying at the Gemological Institute of America in New York in 2009, Amy became a Certified Graduate Gemologist, with strengths in gemstone identification and diamond quality grading.

In 2010, Amy began an internship with the jewellery department at Christie’s Auction House at Rockefeller Center and was introduced to the exquisite world of fine jewellery as a masterful form of art. She subsequently accepted a position with the iconic luxury jewellery house, Tiffany & Co. In their New York office, Amy served as a gemmologist in the Quality Assurance department. During three years with the company, Amy developed a thorough understanding of jewellery manufacturing and gained an appreciation for the highest standards of quality that are required to maintain an unparalleled reputation in the upper echelons of the industry.

Amy’s next challenge was to start her own company. In 2013, she launched Bijoux by Amy in Toronto. Amy’s goal in creating this business was to provide a service that would take a nerve-racking experience, like procuring an engagement ring, and make it an exciting adventure. Using her refined level of expertise, Amy acts as a concierge to her clients by advising them on everything from ring styles to gemstone selection, as well as how to get the best value for their given budget. Bijoux by Amy offers exclusive access to high-end jewellery through a fully customized process. Amy prides herself on creating uniquely beautiful rings of extraordinary quality and value.

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